audi-description-photoOn the Front Desk is Scott Oren. Scott is a past factory trained, Certified Audi Service Consultant with over a dozen years writing service for Audi Vehicles. Scott knows Audi, old and new, top to bottom. A region wide leader in his field and a true service professional.

GMT’s Audi Technical Staff, Dewayne Smith an Audi Academy Graduate, Chris Myers and Blake Veins team up as Central Oregon’s MOST Experienced corps of independent Audi Technicians period. Backed up by Dealership level diagnostics and Technical Hotline staffed by Factory Liaison’s from Auto-Logic and a specialized tooling collection again, unmatched in Central Oregon. All this to bring top level service and repairs to Audi owners.

Get the Service Experience you and your Audi deserve at German Master Tech. Check us out! The name says it all.

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